IsoView Installation Instructions:
In order to view the technical images that accompany the part lists in this EPC, you will need to download and install an ActiveX browser plug-in called IsoView. This plug-in will allow you to see the technical images and to interact with them by zooming in on parts, highlighting them with a single-click, and to see how a whole assembly fits together. Technical information on the IsoView plug-in can be found at

1. When you are ready to install the IsoView plug-in, please click on the following hyperlink. Please note that in order to install this software you will need 'Administrator' privileges on the computer in question.

2. When you click to start downloading, you should see a window that looks similar to the below image. We suggest that you click on the 'Save' button.

3. When you click the 'Save' button, it will ask you where you want to save the file. A sensible location is either on the 'Desktop' or in your 'My Documents' folder.

4. The plug-in will then download. It is around 4.5 MB in size and can take a number of minutes, depending on the speed of your internet connection.

5. Once the file has finished downloading, you will need to go to the location that you saved the file to, such as your Desktop, find the icon that represents the plug-in, and double-click on the icon to begin installation.

6. Depending on which version of Microsoft Windows you are using, you may receive a security warning that looks similar to the below image. Please click on the 'Run' button.

7. The IsoView installation wizard will then begin. After a few moments you will be presented with a window that looks similar to the below image. Please click on the 'Next' button.

8. Next you will be asked to read and accept the IsoView license agreement. Please click the 'Yes' button if you agree to the agreement and wish to continue.

9. The next window will then ask you to enter your name and company name. These fields may already be populated with values that are already held on your computer. Please click the 'Next' button when you are ready to proceed.

10. You will then be asked to choose the installation location. We strongly suggest that you leave the 'Destination Folder' at its default value, unless you have a good reason to change it. Click 'Next'.

11. IsoView installation should then proceed normally and only take a few seconds. When it is complete, a window should appear informing you of the fact.

12. Congratulations! The IsoView ActiveX browser plug-in should now successfully be installed on your computer.

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